burkina drink ghana
burkina drink ghana

Brukina is one of the local drinks in the Ghanaian local markets which is made up of Fresh cow milk, millet, and sugar.

Research by the Noguchi Institute, and found cancerous substances in some of the drinks that were bought around the vicinities of Nima and Ashaiman.

Myjoyonline reports that the research by Noguchi was purposed to investigate levels of aflatoxins in the locally-prepared drink, where some samples of Brukina were bought from producers in Nima and Ashaiman for a period of 7 months.

About 21 samples were collected from Nima and Ashaiman where it was discovered that  1 sample from Ashaiman and 2 from Nima had unacceptable levels of aflatoxins in them.

Also, 12 samples of dairy milk from Ashaiman and 10 from Nima also contained high levels of aflatoxin above the acceptable limit.

Two other millet samples were found with the cancerous substance from Ashaiman while the same was found in 6 samples from Nima.

Prof. Regina Appiah-Oppong who is the Toxicologist and lead scientist at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research disclosed that producers and farmers of these local drinks are currently being monitored by regulatory agents and also given the necessary education on the appropriate ways of storing the local drinks.

source: www.ghgossip.com

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